Lad creates genius staircase storage for girlfriend after she moaned about her ‘tiny hallway’.

IT'S a frustrating fact of life that - despite your best efforts - the entrance of your home is often THE most cluttered part of the house.

Well rather than littering your hall with the shoes and coats you decided not to wear before heading out, one savvy couple have come up a genius way of turning your stairs into the ideal storage space.

Jade's grey staircase still looks the same as always - but her second and third steps have hidden storage underneath

Jade's grey staircase still looks the same as always - but her second and third steps have hidden storage underneathCredit: Jade Yule

Posting photos of her new staircase storage on the Facebook group Hinch Army House Decorating Inspiration, Jade Yule wrote: "I'm always moaning about having no storage in my tiny hallway and my boyfriend made me this."

Although Jade's grey carpeted stairs look the same as they always did when you enter the home, the second and third step now have hidden storage space underneath.

Explaining to Fabulous Digital how he created the extra storage, Jade's boyfriend Dominic Helliwell - who runs Woodbuilt Joiner, Home Improvement & Locksmith Services - started by taking apart the carpet.

He said: "I carefully the carpet at the joints with a Stanley knife, then marked the stairs and cut them with a handsaw and multi tool."

Her boyfriend Dominic created extra storage for her underneath her stairs

Her boyfriend Dominic created extra storage for her underneath her stairsCredit: Jade Yule

Jade is planning on keeping her shoes tucked away under the stairs

Jade is planning on keeping her shoes tucked away under the stairsCredit: Jade Yule

After this, Dominic built a frame to add strength to where the stairs had been taken apart and then added gas pistons so the hatch can stay open for easy access.

Once this was completed, Dominic then refitted the carpet with staples to achieve a seamless finish.

Unsurprisingly, other members of the group were suitably impressed with the couple's storage solution.

Impressed Facebook users have praised Dominic's genius solution

Impressed Facebook users have praised Dominic's genius solutionCredit: Jade Yule

One replied: "OMG that's great - I need that to store kids shoes."

Another added: "I so need this! Our hallway is so tiny and that would work fab for shoes - what a clever boyfriend."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "If it was big enough, you could play Hide & Seek and no one would have a clue you were there!"

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