Uzhgorod university opens first genomics center in Central Europe

Uzhgorod university opens first genomics center in Central Europe
The Uzhgorod National University will open the first Centre for Genomic Research in Central Europe this year.

"The first in Central Europe Centre for Genomic Research will open at the Uzhgorod National University later this year. The corresponding agreement was reached during the visit of Professor Volodymyr Smolanka, the rector of the Uzhgorod National University, to the Beijing Genomics Institute, which is one of the two most powerful scientific and technological institutions in the world engaged in genetics and genomic bioinformatics research," reads the statement on the website of the Uzhgorod National University.

According to the rector of the Ukrainian university, the Chinese partners donate a modern sequencer – a device for analyzing the complete exact sequence of nucleotides in the entire genome of any organism.

"The ability to do a genetic analysis of any tissue or tumor, for example, opens up incredible opportunities for not only predicting the possible diseases of a particular patient, but for making an individual effective treatment plan for the most dangerous human diseases. The establishment of such a center will have important scientific and social significance," Smolanka stressed.