Boris Johnson insists he WILL hold talks with Donald Trump at NATO summit.

BORIS Johnson has insisted he will hold talks with Donald Trump tomorrow despite denying him a personal audience in No10.

Labour is desperate to use the US President’s two day visit to London for a NATO summit as a springboard to attack the PM.

 Boris Johnson cancelled a one-on-one meeting with Donald Trump in Downing Street but insists he will hold talks with the President

Boris Johnson cancelled a one-on-one meeting with Donald Trump in Downing Street but insists he will hold talks with the PresidentCredit: Getty - Pool

 Donald Trump landed in London tonight ahead of this week's NATO summit

Donald Trump landed in London tonight ahead of this week's NATO summitCredit: EPA

The Sun revealed last week that Mr Johnson has taken the unprecedented step of cancelling a one-on-one meeting in Downing Street with the American leader to limit any public gaffes from him on sensitive issues such as the NHS.

But asked last night by The Sun on if he was looking forward to seeing Trump again, Mr Johnson insisted: “Of course, of course. I have good relations with him and all the other leaders coming.

“We will be having very good talks with all the leaders.

“Of course I will be having talks with President Trump.”

Refusing suggestions that Tory campaign bosses think the controversial US president is ‘toxic’, Boris added: “It is a very good thing that this country has close relations with the United States and we need to intensify those.”

The pair are expected to chat on the sidelines of the Trans-Atlantic alliance’s formal summit meeting on Wednesday.

The PM will instead invite all 29 NATO leaders for a working reception in No10 after they have drinks with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Mr Trump could also meet bitterly critical Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the palace for the first time tonight.


The Opposition Leader is also invited to Her Majesty’s reception, held to commemorate NATO’s 70thbirthday. Tomorrow’s formal proceedings take place at The Grove hotel in Watford.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn last night welcomed Mr Trump to Britain with a letter demanding he will not try to push medicine prices up through a post-Brexit trade deal.

To mark Mr Trump's arrival in London for the start of the Nato summit, Mr Corbyn has written to him asking for reassurances that his administration will not try to include selling higher-priced US drugs to the NHS on its trade wish list.

Last week, the Labour Party leader called a press conference at which he brandished an unredacted report that gave details of meetings between US and UK officials, where they discussed the stipulations of a free trade deal between the two nations after Britain leaves the European Union.

The document included confirmation of a round of meetings "dedicated solely to patents and pharmaceuticals", where officials explained how drugs were approved for use on the NHS and described a US request for "total market access" to UK public services - a form of privatisation - as a "baseline" for an agreement.

In his letter, Mr Corbyn told the president he wanted "assurances" over the "prices paid to US drugs companies as a consequence of any such UK trade deal with the US".

Labour has warned throughout the election campaign that allowing US medical companies to supply drugs to the NHS would push up the price of medicines.

Mr Corbyn wrote: "As you will know, the potential impact of any future UK-US trade agreement on our National Health Service and other vital public services is of profound concern to the British public.

"A critical issue in this context is the cost of drugs to our NHS. The cost of patented drugs in the US is approximately 2.5 times higher than in the UK, and the price of the top 20 medicines is 4.8 times higher than in the UK.

"Any increase in the NHS drugs bill would be an unacceptable outcome of US-UK trade negotiations. Yet you have given a number of clear and worrying indications that this is exactly what you hope to achieve."

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