Meduza: Russian police raped her. Then she was fined for filing a false police report.

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On the evening of January 26, 2016, police officers in Magnitogorsk brought Salima Muhamedyanova and her husband Igor Gubanov in for questioning. Gubanov says one of their neighbors had called the police on them. He told Meduza that this neighbor had done this several times before. “She’s registered with a psychiatric ward, and she was trying to kick us out of the apartment. That same day, I went for a smoke. She tells me, ‘I’m going to call the police. You’re annoying me, walking around everywhere. I told her to go right ahead,” Gubanov says.

At the police station, Salima and Igor were booked for a minor misdemeanor and released. “We came home, and I took off my coat and shoes,” Gubanov says. “But my wife only managed to get her boots off before the same officers burst into our home.” He says they grabbed his phone and “dragged” his wife outside. The police brought the couple back to the station, locking them up in separate cells without filing any formal charges.

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