WHO Urges Respectful Discourse On COVID-19 Amid Trump's «Kung Flu» Remark.

WHO Urges Respectful Discourse On COVID-19 Amid Trump's 'Kung Flu' Remark

Trump has already referred to the SARS-CoV-2 as a "Chinese virus".(Representational)


The World Health Organisation (WHO) would like to avoid any discrimination in the discussions over the coronavirus, Executive Director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme Michael Ryan said Monday.

At his rallies over the past couple of weeks, US President Donald Trump several times called the novel coronavirus causing the COVID-19 lung disease "Kung Flu."

"From WHO's perspective, we obviously want to have an international discourse that's based on mutual respect. And, in that sense, we encourage all people at all levels and in all countries to use language that is appropriate, respectful and is not associated with any connotations that are negative," Ryan told a virtual briefing when asked to comment on Trump's "Kung Flu" remarks.

Trump has already referred to the SARS-CoV-2 as a "Chinese virus", which was met with criticism.


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