SkyUp postpones launch of flights to nine countries.

Ukrainian SkyUp Airlines has excluded 22 destinations from 2020 summer navigation program and postponed the launch of flights to nine countries.

"The European Union and countries in other regions continue to impose restrictions on the entry of Ukrainians, so we have to optimize the previously planned flight program. Some destinations are completely cancelled because they were planned for the summer season. The rest of the routes, which we planned to open on a regular basis, will be launched later," the airline's press service informs.

In particular, the carrier excludes the following directions from 2020 summer navigation program: Kyiv - Mallorca - Kyiv; Kyiv - Tenerife - Kyiv; Kyiv - Lamezia Terme - Kyiv (also flights from the regions); Kyiv - Corfu - Kyiv; Kyiv - Zakynthos - Kyiv; Kyiv - Catania - Kyiv; Kyiv - Rimini - Kyiv (also flights from the regions); Odesa - Yerevan - Odesa; Lviv - Batumi - Lviv; Zaporizhzhia - Batumi - Zaporizhzhia; Odesa - Batumi - Odesa; Lviv - Heraklion - Lviv; Odesa - Heraklion - Odesa; Zaporizhzhia - Heraklion - Zaporizhzhia; Zaporizhzhia - Prague - Zaporizhzhia; Kyiv - Pisa - Kyiv; Kyiv - Bari - Kyiv; Lviv - Paris (Beauvais) - Lviv; Kharkiv - Paris (Beauvais) - Kharkiv; Odesa - Tbilisi - Odesa; Kharkiv - Tbilisi - Kharkiv; Zaporizhzhia - Tel Aviv - Zaporizhzhia.

As for Bulgaria destination, the flights to Varna are cancelled, while flights to Burgas will be operated.

In addition, the company postpones flights to Greece, Portugal, Italy (except for Lviv - Naples - Lviv flights scheduled for August 3, 7, 10), Spain, France, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Armenia and Israel until August 15.

The company offers passengers a number of options to reimburse the cost of tickets.

Currently, SkyUp is gradually resuming charter and scheduled flights to Ukraine and abroad.

On June 15, the Government of Ukraine lifted restrictions on international flights due to the easing of coronavirus quarantine.


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