One Ukrainian killed, three injured, two shell-shocked following enemy attack in Luhansk region - Gen.

As reported by Censor.NET.

"As a result of the collision, unfortunately, one serviceman killed, three injured and two shell-shocked. Wounded and shell-shocked now are at the treatment establishments, they are provided with the medical aid," Khomchak said at a briefing following the meeting in Kyiv on Tuesday.

General Staff Chief said that the Russia-led armed groups since 1000 asked for 'silence', now the Joint Center for Coordination and Control is working on the site for the Ukrainian party to take the body of its serviceman, and the armed groups do the same.

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"The casualties of the enemy are confirmed: four persons killed, six – injured. Now the situation is stable, the shooting has stopped. The situation is under control and all units are conducting their activities according to decisions taken earlier," Khomchak said.

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