Number of COVID-19 patients in Russia-occupied Crimea exceeds 11,300 cases.


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The number of COVID-19 patients in Russia-occupied Crimea exceeded 11,300 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

The total death toll is 206 people, the Crimean Human Rights Group said on Facebook on October 29, citing the occupying authorities' data.

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"Seven people have died from the new coronavirus(five in Crimea, two in the city of Sevastopol alone). 299 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Crimea in the past 24 hours, according to the occupying authorities. Of these, there were 74 in Sevastopol and 225 in Crimea," it said.

In total, the occupying authorities of Crimea have reported 11,347 coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic;of them 2,338 were in Sevastopol. The overall death toll is 206 people.

According to experts from the Crimean Human Rights Group, the occupying authorities of the peninsula are deliberately hiding information about the real number of COVID-19 victims.

"The so-called official statistics on the incidence of the new coronavirus on the peninsula is underestimated, because it does not reflect data on infections in the ranks of the Russian army and law enforcement agencies, as well as patients with community-acquired pneumonia. In addition, the occupying authorities are constantly changing their approaches to recording mortality from COVID-19," it said.

Author: UNIAN

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