Neanderthal Footprints Found in France Offer Clues to Group Behavior

New York Times

The 80,000-year-old prints fill in gaps left by fossils and artifacts.

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Venus may have been habitable ocean world with LIFE – before mystery catastrophe turned it into ‘toxic fiery hellscape’

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VENUS may have been a habitable planet with water for two to three billion years until a dramatic event 700 million years ago resurfaced 80% of the planet. This is according to researchers from the European Planet Society who think the planet name...

Nuclear tomb leaking radioactive waste into oceans has ‘rude message’ beneath crumbling shell

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A CONCRETE tomb that’s haemorrhaging radioactive waste into the world’s oceans has a very rude hidden message beneath its shell. The men who built the dome in the 1970s sculpted a hand flipping the middle finger, which they buried inside the struc...

Curse of the pharaohs’ fears after Ancient Egyptian mummy lovers ‘removed from coffin and fumigated’ for public appearance

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THE COFFINS of high-status ancient Egyptian Sennedjem and one of his wives have been cracked open at a museum in Egypt. The sarcophagi were unpacked in the hope of restoring and preserving the mummies inside but some people think the ‘curse ...

Roman soldier’s fart ‘killed 10,000 people’ by triggering ‘violent riot at Ancient Egyptian temple’, historian claims

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A SINGLE FART caused the violent deaths of 10,000 people back in Ancient Egypt. That’s according to one Roman historian, who wrote that a random trump was responsible for a deadly riot against an unpopular king 2,500 years ago. Flavius Josep...

Five women go on trial over planned Notre Dame car bomb attack

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Women are accused of trying to spark firebomb in front of busy restaurants in central ParisFive women go on trial in Paris on Monday over an attempt to set off a car bomb near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in a case that aims to uncover female Fre...