Tajikistan's Official Coronavirus Stats Don't Reflect Reality, RFE/RL Investigation Finds.

An investigation by RFE/RL indicates that Tajikistan's official death toll from COVID-19 doesn't reflect the reality and is significantly lower than the data published by local activists.

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Coronavirus: Serbia withdraws weekend lockdown after massive protests.

A government crisis group decided instead on a more limited ban on outdoor and indoor public gatherings of more than 10 people. It also shortened working hours at indoor restaurants and cafes.

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U.S. Revokes Permission For PIA Flights Citing Concern Over Pilot Certifications

By RFE/RLThe U.S. Department of Transportation has revoked permission for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to conduct special direct flights to the United States because of concerns over Pakistani pilot certifications.The permission was revok...

Coronavirus: Bolivia president, Venezuela’s No. 2 leader both test positive

The infections in Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia, which is seeing a spike in cases, come after Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez tested positive in June and was briefly hospitalized.

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U.S. Military Leaders Vow Response If Proof Of Russian Bounties Paid To Taliban Is Uncovered

Top Pentagon officials said on July 9 that the United States would respond if the U.S. military is able to corroborate reports that Russia paid militants linked to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.


Prosecutors' Raids On Offies Of Bulgarian Presidential Aides Spark Protests.

Thousands gathered in front of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev's office in Sofia in support of the presidency after prosecutors raided the offices of two of Radev's staff on July 9.

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