Zelensky afraid of Abkhazia, Transnistria scenario in Donbas after deployment of UN peacekeepers.


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is afraid to deploy the peacekeeping mission in Donbas as it may provoke the development of Abkhazia and Transnistria scenario as 112 Ukraine reported.

He added that the peacekeepers in Donbas may be deployed only at the Ukrainian-Russian border. Zelensky does not consider the issue of their deployment at the division line.

“I very carefully consider the issue of the peacekeepers in Donbas. I know that the previous authority discussed these topics and structures how to deploy the peacekeeping mission. I am careful because I do not want Abkhazia or Transnistria scenario to take place in Donbas,” Zelensky said.

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The president of Ukraine states that the peacekeepers issue is not discussed yet.

Earlier it was reported that the deployment of the UN peacekeepers in Donbas will not be considered at the UN Security Council until the decision in Normandy or Minsk formats is ready.

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