Finance ministry attracts $801.6 mln at 3%, EUR 71.6 mln at 3.5% at govt bond auctions

The Finance Ministry of Ukraine on Tuesday at primary auctions placed a record-hitting volume of three-month U.S. dollar government domestic loan bonds for $80.6 million at 3% per annum compared with $71.6 million for nine-month bonds at 3.5% per annum a week ago.

According to the Finance Ministry, the number of applications for the auction decreased from 16 to 10 compared to the previous week, rates decreased from 3-9% to 2.75-5.5%, and as a result only two small bids for $5.4 million were rejected.

At the auction for the placement of 14-month bonds in euros the Finance Ministry satisfied both two applications and raised EUR 75.7 million at 2.22% per annum.

As reported, the ministry at these auctions again decided not to offer hryvnia-pegged bonds.

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