Ukraine’s National Police to check observation of self-isolation.

National Police of Ukraine

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The National Police of Ukraine will hold selective checks of the observation of the self-isolation as 112 Ukraine TV channel reported citing Deputy Healthcare Minister of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko.

“Today, the National Police has increased the number of patrols, which will hold selective checks of the observation of the conditions of the self-isolation,” Lyashko said.

According to him, people do not have to hope that the police will disperse people forcibly.

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However, Lyashko did not exclude that police will assume rigorous measures when it is necessary to influence people by force.

“It should not take place; we should treat deliberately this issue…Because, as the U.S. practice shows, the practice of Spain, Italy shows – people believe that the coronavirus is a common infection, which will pass by and nobody will notice it,” he underlined.

As of 13:30, on March 24, there are 97 laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Ukraine. 3 cases were lethal and one patient recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

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