China introduces death penalty for concealing coronavirus symptoms.

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The Chinese authorities have criminalized the intentional concealment of the new Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms or distortion of information about the patient's condition. It is reported by Deutsche Welle with reference to a statement by a Chinese court.

The court ruling also said that concealing the history of one's travels could also be considered a criminal offense. Thus, the person who became the source of the infection and led to the spread of the virus will be accused of creating a threat to public safety and may be sentenced to 10 years in prison or life imprisonment or death penalty.

It is also reported that China’s National Health Commission has forbidden residents with coughing, fever, and other symptoms of a viral disease from traveling around the country in buses, trains, and airplanes. In addition, all citizens returning home after the holidays from the outbreak zone must remain at home or under the supervision of doctors for 14 days, and those who refuse quarantine will be punished.

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As of February 15, the number of deaths from coronavirus in China amounted to 1,523 people.

“On Saturday, China’s National Health Commission reported 143 new deaths, bringing the number of victims of the epidemic to 1,523 people,” the report said.

All deaths, except the last four, were recorded at the epicenter of the epidemic, Hubei Province.

During the day, Chinese medical services recorded 2,641 new cases of coronavirus infection. As a result, the total number of infected in China at the moment is 66,492 people.

As we reported before, most frequently, the spread of the coronavirus is taking place across airborne transmission or direct contact.

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