Patriotic poppy seller transforms mobility scooter into WWII tank in memory of father who died in battle.

A patriotic poppy seller has transformed his mobility scooter into a Second World War tank in memory of his father who died in battle

Eddie Wadsworth, 85, spent "many hours" creating his own version of an armoured vehicle ahead of Remembrance Sunday, complete with tracks, a gun and mini rockets.

The grandfather-of-two used disused cardboard boxes and other recycled materials and even added military music to the tank as he drives around his home town raising funds for the Royal British Legion.

Mr Wadsworth, of Swadlincote, Derbys, has painted the wooden-framed vehicle in camouflage green and brown, which he says cost just £7 to make.

He said: "The reaction to my tank has been incredible.

"I have been surprised by the number of young people who are interested and have bought poppies and got involved.

"I didn't think the younger people were still following it. I'm pleased its been able to help people take an interest in Remembrance Sunday."

His father, John, was killed in action during World War Two in 1944. He lost his life aged 34 at the Battle of Anzio, where there were more than 40,000 Allied casualties.

Mr Wadsworth added: "I can vaguely remember my Dad. I never had a lot of contact with him because he had been in the army from 1939 to 1944. I was only a toddler when he left.

"I'm really repaying the Royal British Legion in the best ways I can. I remember my mother was in a right state with her losing her husband that young.

"The Legion used to the look after the children whose fathers had been killed and I think probably also any others that were in the services, not just the orphans.

"Every year at Christmas there used to be a big party and trips out to the seaside and stuff like that. I think there is a bit of that missing now in the services."

Eddie Wadsworth who has converted his mobility scooter into a tank ahead of Remembrance Sunday

Eddie Wadsworth has been making the wooden-framed cardboard tank since June SWNS

The tank is made out of recycled cardboard boxes, which Mr Wardsworth got from local shop Forever Mobility in Swadlincote town centre. He has waterproofed the cardboard for the wet winter months ahead by covering it in plastic.

"I was thinking this morning, what could I do with it when I have finished this? What could I do next? I've always got to be doing something.

"It is a flat pack, basically. It all breaks down to small pieces. I call it my Ikea Tank.

Lee Sherratt, 36, owner of Forever Mobility, described the tank as “absolutely marvellous” and said many hours have gone into its creation.

"Eddie has spent so much time on it. We have saved him good bits of cardboard,” he said.

"He told us he has spent hours and hours on it.

"The attention to detail is just brilliant, even the doors open. He's thought of everything right down to how to actually be able to fix it onto the buggy.

"'He takes it so seriously, even down to wearing a helmet."

Mr Wadsworth will be out visiting shops and businesses ahead of Remembrance Sunday, hoping to raise as much money as he can for the Royal British Legion, a charity he has supported for the last seven years.

The Poppy Appeal has 40,000 volunteer collectors and sees more than 40 million paper poppies distributed each year.

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