UN mission urges Kyiv to close Myrotvorets website


The UN monitoring mission on human rights in Ukraine urged the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to initiate closing of the Myrotvorets (Peacekeeper) website. The appropriate statement was made by Deputy of the Chairman of the organization Benjamin Moro, as the Comments reported.

Moro emphasized that the publication on the Myrotvorets website such information as a home address, for example, put people at risk of attacks. He cited as an example the murder of Roman Dzhumaev in Mariupol on September 16. Dzhumaev was fighting on the side of the DNR militants and told about that frankly during the interview and was entered into the database of the Peacekeeper website.

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According to Moro, the murder of this person has become possible because of the available data on the military on the website.

"The investigation has been opened, but it still has got no progress. Unfortunately, contact information of many journalists are still on that website and it puts them at risk. So we encourage again the MPs to initiate closing of the website and to finish the investigation," the Deputy Head of the UN monitoring mission in Ukraine said.

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