Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Hospitalised After Self-Harm Threats: Report.


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Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Hospitalised After Self-Harm Threats: Report

Bradley Parscale was demoted from leading Trump's re-election bid in July.


Bradley Parscale, the former campaign manager for President Donald Trump's re-election campaign, was hospitalized Sunday after his wife told police he was threatening to harm himself, ABC News reported.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police department confirmed in a statement that a man identified as Parscale was detained after they received a report from his wife.

"Officers made contact with the male, developed a rapport, and safely negotiated for him to exit the home," the department said in a statement. They did not directly identify him as Trump's former campaign manager, but a property deed identifies the co-owner of the property as Candice Parscale, the same name as the wife of the former campaign manager.

On the scene, police spoke with Parscale's wife, who advised them her husband "was armed, had access to multiple firearms inside the residence and was threatening to harm himself," the statement said.


Parscale was demoted from leading Trump's re-election bid in July, after the president was lagging behind former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls. He drew blame internally for a botched Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally in June that drew an underwhelming crowd, and led to a subsequent coronavirus outbreak.

"Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we all love him. We are ready to support him and his family in any way possible," said Tim Murtagh, a Trump campaign spokesman, in a statement, without specifically confirming the incident.

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