No Romanian school in Ukraine to be closed due to adoption of law on education

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin has said that no Romanian school in Ukraine will be closed in connection with the adoption of the law on education, and national minorities will get more opportunities.

Klimkin during a visit to Romania on Oct. 13 explained in detail the provisions of the Ukrainian law on education and promised to cooperate more with Romanian society in this matter, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariana Betsa said on her Twitter page.

“Klimkin stressed once again: no Romanian school will be closed. No assimilation,” Betsa wrote.

The Ukrainian foreign minister said that the law on education does not reduce the opportunities for national minorities in Ukraine, but extends them.

“Every citizen of Ukraine must have a future in Ukraine,” Betsa quoted the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine as saying.

She also said: “An important signal from the parliamentarians of Romania – we are partners and stand for a constructive dialogue in the discussion of the educational law.”

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