Declaration on state sovereignty in 1990 was supported by MPs from different parts of Ukraine, with different views, but with common goal - Zelensky.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky notes that the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine of July 16, 1990 was supported by deputies of the then Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR from different parts of Ukraine and with different views.

"Today we are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of this landmark document. Thirty years ago a confident step was taken towards the final attainment of independence. The declaration brought closer the victory of Ukrainians in the centuries-old struggle for a free and independent state. July 16, 1990 was a truly historic day. Then the declaration of state sovereignty was supported by 355 deputies. From different parts of Ukraine. From different parties. With different views. But with a common goal," he said on Thursday speaking at the solemn meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine.

Zelensky drew attention to the fact that no one prevented this Declaration from passing, proposing eight thousand amendments, no one tried to block it with decrees, no one tried to ban it through the Constitutional Court.

"The adoption of the declaration is an act of incredible unity of politicians, for the will of the people and a great state goal," he stressed.

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