Covid-2019: Number of cases in China increases to 60,000.


The number of coronavirus cases in China increased by almost 15,000 after the method for counting infections was revised in the Hubei Province, which is the epicenter of the outbreak, Bloomberg reports.

As a result, two top officials were removed due to their ineffectiveness in counteracting the spread of disease.

As we reported earlier, according to CNN, the Diamond Princess cruise ship with 174 infected people on board is expected to be released from quarantine on February 19.

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As it was stated by the company's executive vice president Rai Caluori, the highest priority is "providing guests and crew with their prescription medications, and more than 2,000 prescriptions have been brought on board."

It is worth mentioning that around 3,700 people from 50 different countries have been held on board since February 4.

According to Ukraine's Healthcare Minister, Two Ukrainian citizens that were diagnosed with coronavirus remain to be in the hospital in Japan.

"They are fine; the symptoms and signs are minimal,” Skaletska said.

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