Another six cases of Covid-19 spotted in Kyiv, 40 infected people in Ukraine’s capital.

Vitaliy Klitschko

Facebook Vitaliy Klitschko

Another six cases of coronavirus spotted in Kyiv. The number of Kyiv citizens infected with Covid-19 increased up to 40 people as 112 Ukraine TV channel reported citing Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko.

“In the capital, during yesterday and today’s morning, the number of Kyiv citizens who infected with coronavirus increased up to 40 people. Today, we have received from the government agency Kyiv city laboratory center of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine another six confirmed cases of the infection with coronavirus,” Klitschko said.

A 35-year-old woman and five men in the age from 28 up to 70 are infected. Four patients hospitalized to Oleksandrivsky hospital. One 70-year-old man was taken to the military hospital as he is the military. One person stays in the self-isolation at home.

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According to the mayor, as for today, 1,437 Kyiv citizens passed express tests and laboratory analyses. Over 30 samples are currently tested for the presence of the coronavirus

“I want to appeal to the law enforcement bodies to strictly control the observation of the legal procedures by the private clinics. As some of them hold express tests for coronavirus and do not pass the positive results to the state bodies. And we get them from Germany or do not get them at all. I believe it is unacceptable,” he added.

As of Thursday morning, March 26, 156 cases of coronavirus have been officially confirmed in Ukraine.

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Besides, Ukraine’s government has introduced an emergency situation throughout the country for 30 days until April 24, 2020 and prolonged a lockdown across the country for 30 days.

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