Ukraine may send doctors to Italy to fight coronavirus.

Censor.NET reports citing head of state website.

"It would be good to provide a team of several of our specialists, say, anesthesiologists, to Italy before we have the peak of the disease. Then they will come back with invaluable pandemic experience. However, we must ensure their full security and the best working conditions in Italy," Zelenskyi said.

According to the report, Zelenskyi made such a statement after Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said Italy had asked Ukraine to help with medical teams. A number of countries have already provided such support to the Italian side.

Avakov also proposed helping Italy by providing alcohol for medical purposes, the Office of the President added.

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A total of 722,435 coronavirus cases were officially recorded worldwide as of early April 1. The virus has killed 33,997 patients, whereas 151,991 have recovered.

The highest number of infected persons was recorded in the United States – 142,502. Italy ranks second in terms of the number of infected persons, with 97,689 cases recorded there.

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