Invaders continue to restrict SMM’s freedom of movement in Donbas.

The SMM’s freedom of movement continues to be restricted, including at checkpoints in non-government-controlled Zaichenko, Sosnivske, and Prymorske, all in southern Donetsk region.

The OSCE SMM said this in a report issued on February 12, based on information from the monitoring teams received as of 19:30 on February 11, 2020.

“At a checkpoint north of Zaichenko (non-government-controlled, 93km south of Donetsk), two armed members of the armed formations again denied the SMM passage towards Pikuzy (formerly Kominternove, non-government-controlled, 92km south of Donetsk) and Sakhanka (non-government-controlled, 97km south of Donetsk), citing “ongoing demining activities”. While present, the SMM observed a civilian vehicle passing through the checkpoint,” reads the report.

At a checkpoint east of Sosnivske (non-government-controlled, 78km south of Donetsk), two armed members of the armed formations denied the SMM passage to the settlement, citing risks to “the SMM’s safety”.

At a checkpoint in Prymorske (non-government-controlled, 76km south of Donetsk), two members of the armed formations (one visibly armed) denied the SMM passage to Prymorske, citing “demining activities in the area”. While present, the SMM observed a civilian vehicle passing through the checkpoint.

In addition, at a local train station on the north-eastern edge of Lysyche (non-government-controlled, 66km south-east of Donetsk), an area about 6km from the international border, the Mission observed a train with at least 40 empty wagons, moving from south-east towards north-west.


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