Yanukovych's lawyers deny reports about sending high treason suspicion notice to ex-president.

AVER LEX law firm, representing the interests of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, has stated that the information about sending a notice of suspicion of high treason to its client was false, and described it as an attempt to avert a wave of negativity about closing cases against fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

"The State Bureau of Investigations [SBI] lies saying that Viktor Yanukovych has been notified of suspicion of high treason by committing acts aimed at undermining Ukraine's sovereignty and defense capacity. No notifications were given," the AVER LEX press service said, citing lawyer Vitaliy Serdiuk.

According to the lawyer, the SBI summoned Yanukovych for questioning on June 23 and the representatives of the former president arrived there.

"We, as lawyers who represent the interests of Viktor Yanukovych, arrived at the SBI at the time indicated in the summons. We brought a package of documents on the validity of the reasons for the client's default in appearance. We once again reminded the representative of the bureau that, since Viktor Yanukovych officially received temporary political asylum and is in the territory of the Russian Federation at a publicly available address, all documents should be handed over to him exclusively in line with the procedure of international legal assistance," the lawyer said.

Serdiuk also said that, probably, such a provocation of the SBI was aimed at distracting public negative attention from the bureau due to the closure of a number of cases against Poroshenko.

"We have documented the news of the SBI about allegedly notifying Viktor Yanukovych of suspicion and are preparing a corresponding lawsuit to deny false information in court," the lawyer said.

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