Russian Federation starts selling tickets for train rides to Crimea.

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Tickets for the train rides from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the annexed Crimea went on sale on Friday, November 8, TASS reports.

The first train to Crimea from St. Petersburg will start on December 23, from Moscow – on December 24. It will be possible to get to Sevastopol from St. Petersburg in 43,5 hours by a standard one-story train consisting of coupe and seat wagons. There would be two-story trains with wagons and coupe cars riding from Moscow to Simferopol, their passage time is scheduled to be 33 hours.

It is reported that a coupon ticket from Moscow to Simferopol will cost 46,7 dollars, in the wagon-lit – 150 dollars. A seat from St. Petersburg to Sevastopol will cost 55 dollars, the coupe – 61 dollars.

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It is worth noting that you cannot buy tickets on the official Russian Railways website. They are available only at ticket offices and at the carrier's website. Ticket price will be determined dynamically, depending on demand, seasonality and a number of other factors.

As we reported earlier, the first passengers' train will process on Crimean Bridge on December 8, 2019, as TASS reported citing the so-called “Head” of Directorate of Passengers Service of “Crimean Railways” Vladimir Reznichenko.

“The date is defined. There is no doubt but full understanding that on December 8, the first train will come to Crimea. Usually, the sale of the tickets opens in 45 days before the trip but we have the agreement that the tickets will be sold in 90 days before December 8,” Reznichenko said.

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