Pakistan To Resume Anti-Polio Campaign Even As Coronavirus Crisis Deepens.

Pakistan is set to resume vaccinations against polio, months after the effort was halted by attacks on aid workers and the coronavirus pandemic.

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Hundreds form human chains as Belarus protests intensify.

In several areas of Minsk, hundreds of women formed long "lines of solidarity.'' Many of them carried flowers and portraits of loved ones who have been detained during protests.

Trump changing U.S. showerhead rules after complaining about his hair

The Trump administration is trying to change water flow standards after the president complained about showers and toilets.

Clashes between Portland protesters, police reignite in city’s downtown.

Officers used tear gas to break up the crowd of several hundred people who gathered near a federal courthouse, the neighbouring county justice center and a nearby police station.

Azerbaijan Says Russia Has Provided Military Goods To Armenia Since Deadly Border Clashes.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has expressed concern that Russia has provided military supplies to Armenia in the weeks following deadly clashes along the border between the two South Caucasus countries in July.

Facebook expands anti-misinformation efforts for U.S. users ahead of Nov. 3 election

Beginning Thursday, U.S. Facebook users who post about voting may start seeing labels directing readers to authoritative information about the upcoming presidential election.

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