Number of COVID-19 cases confirmed worldwide exceeds 42.


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The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world exceeded 42.2 million patients as of October 24.

As many as 42,203,732 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported as of 08:24 on October 24, according to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering(CSSE)at Johns Hopkins University.

The overall death toll is 1,144,165 people, while 28,552,420 coronavirus patients have already recovered.

The highest death toll was recorded in the United States(223,987 people), Brazil(156,471), India(117,956), Mexico(88,312), the United Kingdom(44,661), Italy(37,059), and Spain(34,752).

The countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic include the United States(8,492,569 confirmed cases), India(7,814,682), Brazil(5,353,656), Russia(1,141,000), France(1,084,659), Argentina(1,069,368), Spain(1,046,132), and Colombia(998,942).

As many as 189 countries have been affected by the virus.

Author: UNIAN

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