Protest geography: Ukraine's cities striking against bringing Ukrainians for hospitalization.

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Blocking roads, digging trenches, burning tires and prayer services - Ukrainians preparing to meet those evacuated from China in a number of regions of the country

Ukrainians evacuated from China after landing in Kharkiv are going to be transported to the health center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Novi Sanzhary, Poltava region.

But, apparently, it will be difficult to do this.

In Novi Sanzhary, mass protests began at night. According to the press officer of the police in the Poltava region, Yury Sulayev, residents of Novy Sanzhar spent almost the whole night blocking the roadway to the village.

"In the morning, when police officers asked people to stop the offenses and unblock the road, some of the citizens showed some aggressiveness and refused to comply with the lawful demands of the police, and clashes with the police began," he added.

In this regard, the police "carried out preventive work" with the ten most active individuals.

The publication reports that the police blocked all the driveways to New Sanzhary and exit roads from the surrounding villages. Near the village, there is special equipment, including an armored personnel carrier, several buses with special forces.

According to the Telegram channel PavlovskyNews, the police, together with the National Guard, using heavy military equipment, is trying to remove the cars of protesters from the roadway.

Novi Sanzhary is not the only place where they prepared such a “warm welcome” for the evacuees.

First, rumors sent Ukrainians evacuated from China to the Prolisk sanatorium in the village of Kozyn near Kyiv. But residents of the Obukhov district protested against that, refusing to hospitalize the evacuees.

Novi Sanzhary is not the only place where people prepared such a “warm welcome” for the evacuees.

Earlier in the series.

Obukhov district of Kyiv region

First, rumors said Ukrainians would be evacuated from China to Prolisok sanatorium in the village of Kozyn near Kyiv. But residents of the Obukhov district opposed this, refusing to receive the evacuees.

The deputies of the local council even convened an urgent session and sent an open letter to members of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“We worry about our fellow citizens and recommend that senior management follow the example of other states. Such institutions should be located outside the settlements,” Channel 24 quotes Volodymyr Tymchenko, Obukhov’s City Council deputy.

Over time, the topic of Kozyn left the agenda. It was the turn of Western Ukraine.


Ternopil blockposts

Another set of rumors “sent” the evacuated to Medobory sanatorium of Ternopil region. Local residents responded by blocking the road to the sanatorium, tire barricades, prayers, and a rallies against the reception of fellow citizens.

Ternopil Regional Council called a possible decision to settle the evacuated in the area a “genocide of the Ukrainian people.” And it adopted such statement.

At the same time, Vynnyky "rebelled”.

Vynnyky of Lviv region

Vynnyky residents blocked the entrance to the hospital

Vynnyky residents blocked the entrance to the hospital, which supposedly had to accept the evacuated people. Among other things, protesters also brought tires. reported that doctors were undergoing training in the hospital to be ready to hospitalize those infected with Chinese coronavirus. And before that, all patients were evacuated from the building, which led to panic.

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