Russia still not dismisses case relating to Ukrainian sailors.


Zelensky meets released Ukrainian sailors

The Russian Federation is still investigating the case against the Ukrainian sailors who were released from Russian imprisonment. Nikolai Polozov, the sailors' lawyer wrote it on his Facebook page.

According to his data, lawyers continue protecting the sailors in the Russian Federation.

"Now the case is under review with the materials of the investigation. Our task is to reach exception of any adverse legal consequences for the released sailors-heroes," he wrote.

Polozov also added that the sailors were still had the status of accused.

As we reported earlier, Torzhok court of Tver Oblast, Russia should have considered the appeal of the defense of released Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Balukh on September 26. The appeal concerns his continuous stay in the punishment cell of the Russian colony.

Volodymyr Balukh had been sent to the punishment cell of the Russian colony very often. The last time it happened at the end of July. Totally, he spent about two months in the cell.

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