Lithuania declares emergency state due to Covid-19


Lithuania declared a state of emergency due to the preparation for the possible outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus as LRT reported.

It is noted that no case of coronavirus is spotted in Lithuania; however, the authorities intend to prepare for the possible outbreak. That is why the state of emergency was declared.

“We are glad that we have no cases (of coronavirus, - but the preparation should take place in advance. The declaration of the emergency state, possibly, is the basis for us to survive in such a situation,” senior advisor of Lithuanian president said.

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The government noted that the emergency state will help to coordinate the work of responsible establishments, use state reserved and simplify other procedures.

As we reported, the first case of infection with coronavirus spotted in Estonia. An infected person is a citizen of Iran who returned to Estonia.

Earlier, the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded among Ukrainians in Italy.

Moreover, the infection with coronavirus was spotted in mainland Spain. The incident was observed in Catalunya. A 36-year-old Italian was hospitalized; she traveled to Milan and Bergamo for ten days, and then she felt sick. Currently, she just suffers from typical symptoms of influenza. Medics consider it is a light case of coronavirus infection.

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