Ousted Speaker John Bercow compares Boris Johnson to BANK ROBBER over refusal to delay Brexit

The Sun

OUSTED Commons Speaker John Bercow has compared Boris Johnson to a ‘BANK ROBBER’ for refusing to delay Brexit to avoid a No Deal. The ardent Remainer warned the PM against disobeying the law by not asking for a Brexit delay. He added that extra “procedural creativity” in P...

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David Cameron BACKS Tory rebels who voted against Boris to block Brexit during grilling on John Humphrys last ever appearance on Today

The Sun

DAVID Cameron has backed the Tory rebels who voted against Boris Johnson to block Brexit during a grilling on John Humphrys last ever Today show. The former PM was grilled by Humphreys over whether he would vote for the Tories if Boris took us out of the bloc without a Withdrawal Agreement. CAM S...

UK weather forecast – Brits set for 24C weekend before Hurricane Humberto brings end to ‘Indian summer’

The Sun

BRITS are set to enjoy a 24C scorcher this weekend, before Hurricane Humberto brings heavy rain and strong winds to the UK next week. The Met Office warned that Brits are in the last few days of the Indian summer weather before thunderstorms and a cold front descends. Category 3 Hurricane Humbert...

Warning as 100,000 people in US get cancer from chemicals in drinking water

The Sun

A TOXIC cocktail of chemical pollutants in tap water could lead to 100,000 people getting cancer, experts have warned. Contaminants including arsenic and radium, which have no smell, colour or taste, have been detected in water systems in the US. Researchers at the Environmental Working Group fou...

Russia wasn't ready for Normandy format leaders' meeting on September 17 head

112 International

The Russian Federation was unable to attend the event "due to technical reasons"

McDonald’s is bringing out a Galaxy salted caramel McFlurry next week

The Sun

MCDONALD’S is bringing out a Galaxy salted caramel McFlurry next week – but you’ll have to be quick to get it. The new flavour contains pieces of Galaxy chocolate and a swirl of salted caramel and we think it sounds delicious. McDonald’s fans will be able to taste it for themselves from next Wedn...