The Supreme Court recognized the responsibility of Taras Barshchovsky, owner of "T.

The decision of the Supreme Court is final and not subject to appeal.

Svetlana Dovbysh, a lawyer for FC Helios and FC Investohills Vesta, said that a group of investors from FC Helios and FC Investohills Vesta had confirmed the force of the arbitration court's decision to collect 75.2 million euros from Taras Barshchovsky. This is only part of the debt of the T.B. Fruit Group of Companies before Delta Bank JSC under credit agreements, the rights of which were acquired by investors at an open auction.

She also reported that Taras Barshchovsky as the owner of T.B. Fruit acted as a guarantor for a number of loans, so he will have to repay the loan with interest. T.B. Fruit assets in Poland, Moldova and Cyprus may also be subject for recovery.

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