Ukraine’s parliament recommended to create committee on investigation of activity of number of TV channels, including 112 Ukraine.

Serhiy Kalchenko, MP from Servant of the People

The Verkhovna Rada

The regulatory committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recommended to the parliament to create the temporary investigation committee (TIC) for investigation of the facts toward the meeting the requirements during the change of the owners of 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, ZIK TV Channels as 112 Ukraine reported.

Five MPs supported the draft regulation #2152 presented by Olga Vasylevska-Smaglyuk from Servant of the People and Oleksandra Ustynova from Holos.

The regulation was announced by committee's head, lawmaker from Servant of the People Serhiy Kalchenko.

“That is why the draft regulation, as you have seen, supposes to adopt the conclusion, offer the Verkhovna Rada to adopt the regulation as the basis by 150 votes and then taking into account the offered amendments on the tasks and staff to adopt it in general with the majority from the constitutional membership”, Kalchenko said.

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It is offered to establish such main tasks of the TIC:

  • Holding of due diligence of the circumstances of purchase, sources of payment and payment receipt during the change of the owners of 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, ZIK TV Channels,
  • Identification of people who influence the editorial policy of these TV channels,
  • Establishment of share of these channels at the information market,
  • check whether the ideas and theses, which may threat interests of the national security were spread systematically,
  • check whether the information operations aiming for disruption of the defense capacity, demoralization of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations, inciting extremist manifestations, basis for panic, escalation and destabilization of political and social-economic situation, incitement of interethnic and inter-confessional conflicts in Ukraine.

In case of establishment of sufficient grounds, the members of the commission should initiate the prosecution of guilty. The Cabinet of Ministers, Prosecutor General’s Office, Security Service, Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry are recommended to facilitate TIC activity.

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It is planned to appoint Olga Vasylevska-Smaglyuk as TIC Head and Oleksandra Ustynova as TIC Deputy Head.

According to the draft regulation, the European solidarity factions and For Future parliamentary group did not file their candidatures.

The members of the committee drew attention to the violation of the procedure of the filing of the candidatures to the TIC during the discussion (particularly the observation of the principle of proportionality) and insisted on the necessity to investigation the activity of all national TV channels not only three of them.

MP Mykhailo Papiev insisted that the draft regulation was rigged.

“I see according to the documents that during the submission of the regulation and registration at the Verkhovna Rada the falsification of this document took place as the name of MP of Ukraine who is not presented in the faction appeared in the regulation and it is the violation of the regulation as the offers toward the members of the TIC are filed by the factions. If at that moment the faction had no offer and the regulation contains the name, which is not present in the faction’s document, then it is obviously the falsification,” Papiev stated.

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Moreover, according to him, some of the MPs from the commission have conflict of interest and thus, such regulation can be estimated as the political pressure.

“In fact, today, the commission is created to make the absolute dictate against one representative from the political party Opposition platform – For life. It is clear and obvious, nine people, it is possible to predict the aim of the creation of this commission in advance. Moreover, when the regulation was registered it was called “on the creation of the temporary investigation committee for holding of the investigation of the information on meeting the requirements of the legislation during the change of the owners of the information channels”. In other words, the name clearly states against “all channels”. So let’s check all channels. Why don’t you want to check 1+1 but you want to check others? Let’s check all. Let’s create this commission, it will check the change of the owners at all TV channels and will provide the information clearly whether the violations took place there, whether these things were possible there. The commission does not replace the investigators but it will provide the political and legal decision for the consideration of the society,” Papiev said.

On September 26 the National council on questions of television and radio broadcasting deprived TV channel "112 Ukraine" of digital licenses for broadcasting.

112 Ukraine, Zik and NewsOne TV channels ceased broadcasting for 30 minutes. The action, as the media workers said, is a response to the attempts of Ukrainian authorities to suppress freedom of speech.

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