Ukraine supports airstrikes on Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal as ‘just punishment’

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Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov called the airstrikes by the United States and its allies in Syria a “proper response” on the recent use of the chemical weapons by the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Turchynov also mocked Kremlin for not being able to prevent the airstrikes.

“The aggressive statements and warnings of the Kremlin, thanks to the military assistance of which the Syrian regime continues to exist, have failed to stop the just punishment,” Turchynov wrote on his Twitter on April 14.

The U.S., Britain, and France launched a coordinated airstrike in Syria early on April 14 to punish the regime for the use of chemical weapons in the eastern Damascus suburb of Duma on April 7, which killed over 70 people.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed the support of the actions of the U.S., Britain, and France and condemned Russia for long-term cooperation with the Syrian dictator. Russia’s support of Assad “makes impossible to solve the conflict in Syria according to the regulations of the United Nations,” said the ministry in its statement on April 14.

The reaction of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was quite moderate despite the previous warning messages sent by the Kremlin.

Putin said the actions of the U.S. and its allies were not sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, which would be anyway impossible given the fact that Russia has a right of veto for all the decisions of this body.

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