Changes to Ukraine's Constitution that Russia wants impossible – Zelenskyi.

Censor.NET reports citing BBC News.

"As for the disagreements that I have, and in our society, that Mr. Poroshenko signed - yes, they exist, and everyone knows, both Mrs. Merkel and Putin, I have repeatedly openly told him: no, there will be conditions, there will be special conditions, a law on special status - these are changes to the Constitution in accordance with decentralization. Everything should be, I agree with this, but changes to the Constitution, the ones they want, are impossible today," he said in an interview with the BBC's Hard Talk program.

Zelenskyi pointed out that the transfer of the border to the Ukrainian authorities in Donbas after the elections in ORDLO is wrong.

"We cannot provide elections there. None of the observers will come. Who will come to that area and hold elections there, if there are armed people there? Everyone understands this. But we are following Minsk agreements. Yes, Minsk accords should be more flexible. You understand that time has passed ...," he noted.

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