What Melania Said To Woman Who Yelled «Handsome» For Donald Trump.


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What Melania Said To Woman Who Yelled 'Handsome' For Donald Trump

This is the first time that Melania is campaigning for her president husband on her own this year.


Melania Trump on Tuesday who hit the campaign trail for the re-election of Republican President Donald Trump agreed that her husband is "handsome" in response to a woman who yelled it out during the US First Lady speech.

This is the first time that Melania is campaigning for her president husband on her own this year.

While speaking about Donald Trump's achievements during his presidency, Melania said, "Before my husband decided to run for president, the media loved him because they saw the man that I see every day -- someone tough, successful, and fair."

At that moment a woman in the audience yelled out, "and handsome," the Daily Caller reported.

To which Melania beamed a big smile and replied "I agree,"

"A man who has a very big heart and a great sense of humor," she said while adding "Donald loves helping people, and he loves seeing those around him, and his country, succeed."

After landing at the Lancaster Airport near Lititz, Melania Trump traveled to Atglen, Chester County for the speech. She sported a green belted dress. Pennsylvania is a key battleground state in Trump's battle with Joe Biden.


Daily Caller further reported that at one point, during FLOTUS' campaign, she talked about how she didn't always "agree with the way" Trump says things as she highlighted that his direct interaction with the people through his social media accounts.

"For the first time in history, the citizens of this country got to hear directly and instantly from their president every single day through social media," the first lady said.

"I don't always agree with the way he says things," she said while adding "But it is important to him, he speaks directly to the people he serves."

Citing a FLOTUS pool report, Daily Caller reported that Melania Trump later surprised supporters at the Republican Committee of Lancaster County with pizza and soda where she thanked them for their support and hard work.

The US Presidential elections will be held on November 3.

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