Ship with Ukrainians in distress in Greece

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In the Aegean Sea, New Leo ship with 14 Ukrainians on board is in distress due to a storm. Maritime buletin reports this.

It is reported that the ship New Leo with the flag of Liberia left the Greek port of Elefsin and headed for Turkey, but fell into a severe storm between the islands of Lesbos and Skyros, due to which the cargo was shifted.

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As a result of this, the ship lost control and received a roll. On board New Leo are 14 Ukrainians who have already requested evacuation from the Coast Guard. An operation is being carried out to rescue the crew of the vessel.

Two coast guard ships and two Greek Air Force helicopters were sent to the accident area.

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As we reported, the Hungarian prosecutor’s office is asking for a 9-year imprisonment for the captain of the Viking cruise ship, which in May this year collided with a pleasure boat in the center of Budapest.

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