4,800 citizens returned to Ukraine over day. Border Guard.

Censor.NET reports citing the referring press service.

The employees of State Border Guard measured temperature among almost 5,800 people on the border. None of them had any signs of Covid-19. The Guards also detected six people who breached the lockdown mode; one of them only spent 24 hours in the quarantine.

On April 7, the number of operating checkpoints on the state border decreased to 19. Earlier, in March, the government had closed the border for foreign visitors. International air traffic over Ukraine has been suspended since March 17; however, the evacuation of Ukrainians from abroad continued. On March 25, the Cabinet extended the lockdown for another month, until April 24. On March 28, Ukraine entirely closed the border for entry and exit, and banned all passenger traffic.

Meanwhile, 17 citizens of Ukraine have recovered from the coronavirus infection abroad. 174 more are getting the treatment. Ukraine's Foreign Ministry reported that on Facebook.

Watch more: US embassy thanks Ukrainian doctors fighting against COVID-19 spread. VIDEO

The Ukrainian patients are being treated in Italy (121), Greece (22), Poland (4), Germany (4), Austria (3), and other countries. 14,624 Ukrainians returned home within the Protection system, launched by the Foreign Ministry.

The number of those who deceased due to the complications caused by the disease has not changed; five people have succumbed to the illness so far.

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