Rada to quickly react to Constitutional Court's decision to cancel e-declaration.


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"I am convinced that there will be a quick reaction, both from the parliament and from the president, and we will most likely decide at the legislative level to refine the current mechanisms, so that this system continues to work, because neither the authorities nor the state as a whole can afford to destroy it today," Razumkov said on the air of the Ukraine 24 television channel from Berlin.

He said that it is important to settle this issue due to the statement of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention(NACP)that because of the Constitutional Court's decision it is impossible to carry out special inspections when appointing people to positions in the leadership of local authorities.

"This will cripple the vertical of local government. Today, in the context of decentralization, this will lead to an imbalance in the vertical of power in the state," Razumkov said, expressing confidence that this issue will be resolved "in fast enough mode."

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