Deadly Clashes Along Azerbaijan-Armenia Border Enter Second Day Amid Calls For Restraint.

Deadly border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan entered a second day, as the European Union and Russia urged restraint.

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Belarusians Brave Beatings And Detentions As Post-Election Pressure Piles On Lukashenka.

Belarusians defied a harsh crackdown in a fourth day of protests on August 12 that spilled into the night as pressure mounts on President Alyaksandr Lukashenka over a weekend vote the opposition says was rigged to extend the strongman’s 26-year rule.

Russian Vlogger Detained On Charges Of Violating State Secrecy.

A Russian YouTuber who filmed industrial sites and abandoned facilities has been arrested on charges of illegally obtaining and disseminating state secrets, a court in Moscow said on August 12. 

Why the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine is the new space race.

Vladimir Putin's vaccine claim underscored how, like the space race, the competition to have the first vaccine is about international rivalries as well as science.

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Oil spill in Venezuela coats stretch of nation’s Caribbean beach coastline.

Fisherman and locals living around Morrocoy National Park began reporting oil washing ashore last week and it has coated roughly 15 kilometres of beaches.

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Should e-cigarettes be banned amid coronavirus? Why some U.

Participants who smoked both cigarettes and e-cigarettes were between five and seven times more likely to contract the virus.

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