First Normandy format, and then U.S. joining talks head

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

First, the Normandy format negotiations (Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany) should be held, and only after this US should join the Donbas conflict settlement process. This is the opinion of Ukraine's Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko, voiced on September 16 during Freedom of Speech show.

In addition, according to Prystaiko, Ukraine should use the mechanism for resolving the conflict in Donbas that exists now.

“We need to prove to ourselves and everyone that it is either working or ineffective. If we can honestly tell our partners that this format is not entirely effective and we cannot get out of the war, then we can talk about changing it,” the minister said in the context of the settle conflict with the existing mechanism.

Also, the Foreign Minister spoke about the conditional "Zelensky formula."

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Earlier, Prystaiko reported that President Zelensky wanted to reach a final solution to the issue of war in the Donbas.

At the same time, the Foreign Minister stressed that Ukraine did not agree to carry out a full amnesty of Kremlin-backed militants, who took part in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

Prystaiko also said that the new authorities would not amend the Constitution of Ukraine, granting the so-called “special status” to Donbas, and the occupied territories are offered to develop along the path of decentralization, as well as the rest of Ukraine.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy added that at the Normandy format meeting, questions of a ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops in Donbas will be discussed.

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