Salvadorans, Washington’s Builders, Face Expulsion Under Trump

New York Times

Tens of thousands of workers in and around the capital were here legally because of adversity in their homeland. Now they are fighting to stay.

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Romania Pushes to Be Treated as a Fully Fledged E.U. Member

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More than 12 years after joining the bloc, the country’s leaders say it has made progress against corruption and deserves expanded rights for travel and trade.

A Young Life Ends After 4 Steps on Video, and Afghans Can’t Stop Watching

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The Taliban bombing in Kabul that was cited as a reason to end peace talks was caught on camera, along with a man’s desperate scramble to evade death.

To Influence El Salvador, China Dangled Money. The U.S. Made Threats.

New York Times

As part of a push into Central America, China presented itself as a deep-pocketed partner for El Salvador’s future. The Trump administration countered with words of warning.

Despite Tough Talk, U.S.-China Trade Negotiations Continue

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Both sides issued statements describing recent discussions as productive. The question now is whether high-level talks next month will yield progress.

Scott Morrison to unveil $150m support for Trump's mission to Mars

The Guardian

PM says five-year commitment designed to make Australia ‘partner of choice’ to support expeditions to moon and MarsScott Morrison has used a visit to Nasa on Saturday local time to unveil a $150m investment in Australian businesses and new technol...