Russia's new PM Mikhail Mishustin: What we know

Mikhail Mishustin

Russian Federal Tax Service

Mikhail Mishustin, a person who is a key part of Putin's plan to tighten his grip on power Mikhail Mishustin was announced as Russia's next prime minister on January 15. It was announced amid Putin's proposal for constitutional changes — a move thought to be a push from Putin to increase his own political power.

Mishustin received 383 votes out of 424 in Russia's parliament, with 41 abstentions and no votes against him.

53-year-old Mishustin has a reputation for being an efficient technocrat.

Here is what we know about him:

Mishustin was born in 1966, he studied systems engineering and holds two PhDs in economics. He is married and has three sons.

He previously held the position of tax minister until 2004. Most recently he was the head of the Federal Tax Service from 2010 until being made prime minister.

He earned himself a reputation for being very skilled and efficient at his work. Mishustin worked to modernize Russia's previously corrupt and inefficient tax collection system.

It was reported that Mishustin is a pianist and songwriter, and he composed a song for famous Russian singer Grigory Leps.

Despite this praise for his work, some controversy has emerged over Mishustin's extraordinary wealth. The investigative site Proekt found that he had bought a house worth hundreds of millions of Russian rubles while working as a deputy tax minister.

Mishustin and Putin both love for hockey. Mishustin is a member of Putin's Night Hockey League and on the board of Russia's Ice Hockey Federation.

On Wednesday Russia's previous prime minister Dimitry Medvedev resigned hours after proposals for sweeping constitutional reform were made by Putin.

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