My dream is to make a life in Australia but I don’t want to leave my nieces and nephews.

DEAR DEIDRE: I WOULD love to live in ­Australia but I worry it would make me a bad uncle.

I am 26 and have the chance of a good career and a good way of life there.

 I want to move to Australia and make a life there but I love my nieces and nephews and don't want to leave them behind

I want to move to Australia and make a life there but I love my nieces and nephews and don't want to leave them behindCredit: Alamy

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Being a gay man, I may never have children so I love my two nieces and three nephews as my own.

I do not want to be the uncle who is not there for them. They are all under nine and I want to see them grow and make memories with them.

I am struggling with knowing I will not be there with them and this is what is holding me back. Am I being ridiculous?

DEIDRE SAYS: No, you’re being lovely. But children and young people accept online contact very readily and you could make a regular time to phone and Facetime them.

You may find you speak more than you would do living in the UK.

If you are still uncertain, try going for six months or so to see how it would work out for you.

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