Liberated Ukrainian sailors explain no response to Russian actions during seizure.

Ukrainian sailors


Ukrainian sailors released from the Russian captivity explained why they did not fire back during the seizure in November 2018 as Ukrinform reported.

Denys Hrytsenko, the Captain 2nd Rank explained:

“We were sent to perform the task without the purpose of using weapons. It was a peaceful passage. It was an incident not planned by either country. And the decision had to be made there and then. I made that decision.”

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According to Hrytsenko, the sea passage from the port of Odesa to Berdyansk was planned and sailors were warned about possible provocations held by Russia.

Earlier Released from the Russian remand center Ukrainian sailors thanked the Ukrainian children who sent them the pictures, while the sailors were in captivity.

Besides, the sailors stated their readiness to continue their service in the Navy.

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On September 7, the prisoners’ exchange took place between Kyiv and Moscow in 35 for 35 format.

24 Ukrainian sailors and 11 political prisoners - already ex-political prisoners - captured by Russia over the past five years, returned to Ukraine. Faces of the released Ukrainian sailors, left activist Oleksandr Kolchenko, filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, journalist Roman Sushchenko, Crimean Tatar Edem Bekirov and the rest of former captives were seen in the crowd.

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