Stop eating dinner after 6pm to lower your risk of heart disease, experts say.

EATING dinner after 6pm may increase heart disease risk, experts say.

Later dining was linked to higher blood pressure, larger BMI and poorer blood sugar control.

 If you eat most of your daily calories after 6pm, you are at greatest risk of heart disease

If you eat most of your daily calories after 6pm, you are at greatest risk of heart diseaseCredit: Getty Images

Columbia University in the US monitored diets of 112 women for a year.

Those who ate a higher proportion of their calories after 6pm were at greatest risk.

Dr Nour Makarem said: “Eating that is mindful of the timing may represent a modifiable behaviour.

“So far, lifestyle approaches to prevent heart disease have focused on what we eat and how much we eat.”

A previous study by Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA, warned of the dangers of NOT getting enough fruit or veg.

Researchers found that low fruit intake accounted for nearly 1.8million cardiovascular deaths in 2010. It is almost double the number of deaths - a million - linked to not eating enough vegetables.

That study focused on diets lacking in fibre, which wards off heart attacks and strokes by improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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