The sanitary doctor, who canceled a match with Ukraine in Switzerland, exposed in selective «principledness» - USS.


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The Ukrainian Society of Switzerland drew attention to the selective "principledness" of the sanitary doctor of the city of Lucerne, who forbade Ukrainian football players to play a League of Nations match.

"Information from the Swiss media shocked the entire Ukrainian community. First, on Tuesday, the cantonal doctor of Lucerne sent the entire Ukrainian football delegation to the Radisson Blu Luzern Hotel for quarantine after several players tested positive for COVID-19. But within days it became known that the results the tests of the entire Ukrainian delegation were negative", - says a post on the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland Facebook page.

The USS noted, that after several positive tests for COVID-19 in the national team of Ukraine, the doctor ordered to quarantine the entire Ukrainian delegation. Then the match did not take place. "Now his fate is completely in the hands of UEFA", - the post said.

The diaspora noted, that the Department of Health and Social Policy of the Canton of Lucerne has not always been so principled. So, on November 6, 2020, he gave permission to the local team of FC Luzern to go to the match of the 7th round of the Swiss championship with FC Zurich, which took place the next day. However, on November 5, according to the official website of FC Luzern, a positive test for COVID-19 was passed by the team's striker Mark Marlecu. The player and four other team players, who came in contact with the infected person, were isolated. The rest of the club's players were ordered to take additional tests on November 6, but were allowed to train in the morning.

After receiving negative test results, despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the team, the Department of Health and Social Policy gave its players permission to travel to another city and participate in the Swiss championship match.

On November 6, two cases of COVID-19 fixed among players in FC Zürich, according to the team's official website, without naming the players.

According to the press service of FC Zürich, the sick players went into isolation and "because there was no close contact with other players of the first team and the necessary rules of hygiene and protection were observed, after consultation with the cantonal medical service, no additional measures were required".

"This controversial and rather confusing situation, unlike the case with the national team of Ukraine, did not cause objections in the Department of Health and Social Policy of Lucerne and was resolved quickly", - noted USS, emphasizing that FC Luzern then thanked the canton doctor Roger Harstall for "prompt and fruitful cooperation on this issue".

As it known, on November 18, after returning from Switzerland, the players of the Ukrainian national team repeated tests for COVID-19, all of which turned out to be negative.

The match was supposed to take place on November 17 in Lucerne, but was canceled due to the verdict of the chief sanitary doctor of the canton of the same name, Roger Harstall

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