Court arrests Tokyo Star hotel Senior Executive in Odesa.

Iryna Parovyk, Executive Senior of Odesa Tokyo Star hotel

Odesa Region Court has approved the preventive measure of remand in custody regarding the Senior Executive of Tokyo Star Hotel in Odesa. As it is known, nine people died in the hotel due to the fire happened on August 17. The press service of Odesa Prosecutor's Office reported that.

"At the request of the region Prosecutor's Office, the Senior Executive of Odesa Tokyo Star hotel is taken into custody without bail. The Executive is suspected in violation of fire safety rules resulting in serious consequences (art. No. 270 pt. II of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The pre-trial investigation of the criminal proceeding is continuing," the message reads.

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According to the decision of the court, the preventive measure of remand in custody is chosen for Senior Executive Iryna Parovyk until October 18, the bail is not provided. The suspected claimed during the proceeding that fire safety was not included in her obligations. The executive had only provide order and cleanliness in the hotel.

As we reported earlier, on the night of August 17, a large-scale fire broke out at the Odesa Hotel Tokyo Star, as a result of which nine people died and ten were injured. A message about the fire in the hotel was received by the rescuers at 1:34. 13 units of equipment and 65 personnel were involved in extinguishing the fire. They managed to eliminate fire on 1,000 square meters area at 4:32.

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