Ukraine files motion to recuse judge in Scythian gold case.

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Ukraine has filed a motion on removal of the judge of Amsterdam Court of Appeal in the case on Scythian gold. The press service of the Justice Ministry reported this.

“Ministry of Justice found the circumstances that could question partiality of the judge in the case and it raises doubt in his objectivity when considering the case,” the message says.

According to the Justice Ministry, the judge of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal for several years has been representing Russian company Promneftstroy in the case against OJSC Yukos Oil Company. And this judge defended the interests of the Russian Federation as a main interesant in ruling the case in favor of Promneftstroy. While representing Promneftstroy’s interests, he also closely cooperated with the lawyers, who represented the interests of Crimean museums.

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As it was reported earlier, the dispute between Ukraine and Russia “Where the collection should be returned” has begun after the annexation of the peninsula. The Scythian gold collection from the Crimean museums was put on view at the Allard Pierson Museum of the University of Amsterdam in February 2014 when Crimea was still part of Ukraine. Amsterdam Court decided in December 2016 that Scythian gold should be returned to Ukraine.

On December 14, 2016, Amsterdam District Court ruled to return all the exhibits of the Crimean museums, which were presented in the Netherlands within “Scythian gold” exhibition to Ukraine.

Occupation authority of Crimea appealed the decision of the court in January 2017. Ukraine provided additional evidence to the court on February 2019.

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