Tuna steaks recalled across US over fears of ‘odd’ food poisoning

The Sun

TUNA steaks are being recalled across US over fears of “odd” food poisoning. People are warned not to eat either Yellowfin Tuna Steaks or Seasoned Yellowfin Tuna Steaks from Alfa International Seafood. The Florida-based seafood manufacturer voluntarily withdrew its products across 16 ...

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Thomas Cook collapse – mum stranded in Spain with tube-fed disabled daughter, 2, set to run out of food for toddler

The Sun

A MUM on Thomas Cook holiday in Spain says she will run out of vital food supplies for her disabled daughter unless the family can be flown home soon. Demine Warner, 25, says she is worried because Aubree, who is vision impaired, has cerebral pals...

Vegan mum mercilessly mocked after serving shredded lettuce with a raw pepper sauce and calling it ‘Bolognese’

The Sun

A VEGAN mum has been slammed for trying to make spaghetti bolognese out of shredded lettuce and raw pepper sauce. Ullenka Kash, from Gdynia in Poland unveiled her “lettucetti” – only to be mercilessly mocked for how little her cu...

Jeffrey Epstein namesakes reveal hellish ordeal of death threats and online abuse from people confusing them for the dead paedo

The Sun

MEN who share their name with Jeffrey Epstein have revealed their agonising ordeal of being sent death threats from people mistaking them for the dead paedophile. When the 66-year-old was arrested for sex trafficking charges this year, men who hav...

National Lottery Set For Life results: Winning numbers for Monday September 23, £10,000 a month for 30 years jackpot

The Sun

THE National Lottery Set For Life numbers are in and it’s time to find out if you’ve won the top prize of £10,000 every month for 30 years. Could tonight’s jackpot see you start ticking off that bucket list every month or buildin...

How Anti-Vax Sentiment Took Hold in the United States

New York Times

As families face back-to-school medical requirements this month, the country feels the impact of a vaccine resistance movement decades in the making.